Secure Systems Lab @ Yonsei University

Welcome to Secure Systems Lab (SSLab) in the Department of Computer Science in College of Computing at Yonsei University. We are a group of people who are genuinely interested in improving the security of modern computer systems, including emerging AI systems. We work on developing compiler, systems, and machine learning techniques (or a combination thereof) to solve real-world security and privacy problems.

To Prospective Students

We are always looking for motivated students who enjoy building, breaking, or securing software/AI systems. Please contact Prof. Dokyung Song ( if you are looking for research opportunities at any level (undergrad/M.S./Ph.D./Post-Doc) in software/AI system security.

Research Areas

  • Automatically Finding Vulnerabilities in Modern Software & AI Systems

  • Building Trustworthy & Privacy-Preserving AI Systems

  • Developing AI Techniques for Binary/Malware Reverse Engineering

  • See here for more details.


  • March 2024: ERASAN has been accepted to IEEE S&P ‘24.
  • March 2024: Yongwan has joined the lab. Welcome!
  • June 2023: Minhee has joined the lab. Welcome!
  • May 2023: ReUSB has been accepted to USENIX Security ‘23. Congratulations to Jisoo and Minsuk!
  • Jan 2023: Jisoo, Minsuk, and Joonkyo have joined the lab. Welcome!
  • July 2022: Myungsuk has joined the lab. Welcome!
  • April 2022: XBA has been accepted to ISSTA ‘22.
  • February 2022: GuardiaNN has been accepted to Middleware ‘22.
  • April 2021: dMVX has been accepted to EuroSec ‘21.
  • March 2021: Our lab has been founded.